In this ordinary world of noises and arguments, by wielding the painting brush, one can present the landscape inside through his body. This is a Taoist thought about the body.

Lee looks for a way of pure physical expressions and keeps the motivation simple in order to trigger the power that follows. This piece is just like “0”, which can be the smallest as well as the largest number. This is a meeting of the body and the Taoist philosophy, with inaction at its core. One can be freer without stubbornness.  Zero is a frame of mind and an attitude of inaction. One can only dance out the landscape inside him by seeing through the vanity of things. 

Lee said, “When the ink is splashed and spread out to form a landscape, a space is revealed.”

From the perspective of the body, the observation of the body with open exploration and feedbacks was made, creating a thought-based body construction system.