Cultivating an acreage of green land of arts with the body.
Making body movements as free as dining, and making watching a performance as easy as watching a movie.

With the simple concept of the limbs and the body, the diversified vocabulary of movements can be extended, and the theories of dance can be implemented in physical development in daily life, to discover diversified possibilities of the body. Performing arts are spread based on the concepts of creativity, diversity, and popularity, to water the seeds of arts so that they can sprout, and the importance of continuing arts education can be increased to enrich the overall arts education. This is a mission. Through arts education, people’s diversified potentials can be stimulated and developed, so that they can enjoy the relaxation and beauty arts education brings to their body, mind, and spirit. This wonderful influence can be expanded to more places and more people would have a chance to get close to arts education. 

(中文) 體相小學堂@school

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